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Association of Indiana



1:30 Session

Birding by Ear with Annie Aguirre

Augmented Reality Sandbox with Jordan Beehler

Ecology of Camp Mack 101 with Jonathon Schramm

10 Lakes Canoe Trip with Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation (This Field Trip leaves at 1:30 because it takes an extended time)


2:30 - 5:30 Field Trips

Kinder Forest- Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center

Caproratta Family Natural Area - ACRES Land Trust

River Preserve History Tour - Elkhart County Parks

Going Green in Goshen




9:00 Session 1

Plant ID with Scott Namesnik

Nature Sketching with Mark Daniels

Saving the World Through Bumper Stickers with Jim Poyser

Fishing and Families with Clint Kowalik

10:30 Session 2

Mixed Media Moths with Hannah Burnworth

The Atlatl with Patrick McGuire

Joe the Failed Naturalist with Paul Steury

Nature Play Fun: Creating Temporary and Mobile Nature Play Spaces with Carla Gull

Bird Banding with Jerry Sweeten

1:30 Session 3

Fire by Friction with Matt Shull

Kaleidoscopes with Dinah Fuller

Edible Plants with Paul Steury

Science 2 Go Bus

Slugs –Write yourself a song with the Slugs


Activities: Saturday 9:15a-12:15p Climbing Tower Open, Boating Open

Saturday 1:30p-4:30 Climbing Tower Open, Boating Open; Flying Squirrel 3:00p-4:00p, 4:00p-5:00p (Minimum 9 to run a session... Assuming adults lifting adults)



8:30 Session

Trip planning with Jabin Burnworth

How to read the land. Geology at your school and place with John Mischler

Activities: Sunday 8:30a-9:45p Climbing Tower, Boating

Notes about Activities


Rowboats and Canoes- 5th grade to use

Kayaks-7th grade to use

Sailing- 7th grade and previous experience to use

*If anyone in a boat is below the above grades, a person age 16 or older must be in the boat

*Lifejackets are required to be worn at all times while in a boat.  We have boundaries on the lake marked with buoys and use a flag to call boats in.

*If persons bring their own boats (I know some people bring kayaks)- They can boat at any time and are not under Camp Mack supervision or rules (Waubee is a public lake)

Climbing Tower: (We did have a person call about family day seeing if their 5 year old can climb)

*Zip Line will NOT be open

*Minimum age of 8 *May be able to do younger but the harness and helmet need to fit them properly

Flying Squirrel:

*Minimum age of 8 (Once again, the harness and helmet must fit them properly)

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