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Talking Points for Indiana Environmental Literacy Guidelines

  • Indiana’s Environmental Literacy Plan (ELP) outlines the steps needed to ensure our citizens are environmentally literate.
  • The ELP is built around the Environmental Literacy Guidelines (ELG), a thoughtfully developed list of content and skill standards that Indiana children should learn by grades 4, 8 and 12. 
  • The Environmental Literacy Plan extends beyond school age citizens, starting at preschool and extending to post retirement.
  • Having an ELP in place may give Indiana access to federal funds through our Department of Education.
  • All citizens of Indiana deserve the opportunity to learn about, use and experience the diverse environments and natural resources found in all corners of our state.
  • Environmentally literate citizens are better equipped to deal with environmental issues and to create beneficial solutions.
  • Environmentally literate citizens will be better managers of the state’s natural resources, upon which much of the state’s economy depends.
  • Environmentally literate citizens are better equipped to bring economic opportunities to the state through rapidly growing “green” industries (green energy, pollution prevention, waste management, sustainable agriculture, urban planning, health care, natural resource management, tourism, recreation, etc.).
  • Environmentally literate citizens have a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world, making the emotional, physical, and intellectual benefits of nature more accessible.

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