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The Outdoor Learning Store

EEAI has partnered with the Outdoor Learning Store to present quality online professional development on a wide range of environmental education topics and to provide our members and constituents with access to a curated selection of outdoor learning resources and materials.  A portion of every purchase made by Hoosier educators supports the advancement of quality environmental education here in Indiana!  You can learn more about the Outdoor Learning Store's mission, resources, and FREE professional development opportunities at  EEAI members - access your Outdoor Learning Store discount code here!

The North American Association for Environmental Education & Its Affiliate Network

The North American Association for Environmental Education promotes excellence in environmental education throughout North America and the world. NAAEE is dedicated to strengthening the field of environmental education and increasing the visibility and efficacy of the profession.  EEAI is proud to represent Indiana within the NAAEE Affiliate Network - a grassroots network of more than 50 state, provincial, and regional affiliates across North America that collaborates on policy issues, network building, resource sharing, and facilitating learning opportunities such as webinars, workshops, and conferences.  Our active participation within the Affiliate Network helps us to access the latest research, resources, funding opportunities and more to support the advancement of EE in Indiana.

EPA Region 5 Environmental Education

Our staff meets periodically with the Region 5 EPA Environmental Education Coordinator to coordinate regional approaches to advancing EE.  We promote EPA environmental education grant opportunities and share the agency's EE curriculum and resources with Hoosier educators.  We have also connected Indiana college students with opportunities to be EPA grant reviewers to learn more about EPA's grantmaking process.  This relationship has also contributed to the formation of a collaborative partnership between the NAAEE affiliates in EPA Region 5.

Region 5 NAAEE Affiliates

EEAI has been working increasingly in partnership with the other NAAEE affiliates in our EPA Region (Region 5 includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin).  By working collaboratively, sharing resources and providing mutual support, each of our affiliates is able to achieve more support for environmental education in our respective states than what we could achieve on our own.  A few programs that have come out of this collaboration include our upcoming Calumet Educators' Forum, Landscape Analysis, and regional leadership clinic for affiliate leaders.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

EEAI works with various divisions of the DNR to promote the agency's educational programs and resources, host conferences on-site at Indiana's beautiful state parks, and more.  EEAI staff and board members are currently participating in the DNR-led State Wildlife Action Plan process.


EEAI is an annual sponsor of Indiana Envirothon, a North American competitive learning event for high school-aged students.  Envirothon tests the student's knowledge of environmental resources including soils, aquatics, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues. Teams of five students prepare by studying resource problems in each of the five subject areas, then test their knowledge at the competition by using teamwork to develop creative solutions to environmental problems.

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