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Indiana Children & Nature Network (ICAN)

Indiana has joined the national movement to get children outdoors by starting our own regional project, the Indiana Children and Nature Network (ICAN). 

This project fosters collaborative efforts to encourage children to spend time outdoors. The project is an initiative of the Environmental Education Association of Indiana (EEAI). ICAN brings together government, businesses, nonprofits, academia, individuals, and families to impact a societal change that allows and encourages children to spend more time outdoors.

Mission: Connecting children, families and communities to the natural environment so they can receive the physical, emotional and intellectual benefits of the outdoors while building a lifelong love of nature. We will do this by: 1) Raising awareness of the physical, emotional, spiritual health benefits of connecting children with nature, 2) Promoting unstructured play and time outdoors for children and adults, and 3) Engaging a diverse network of people and facilitate collaborations.

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Student Chapters

Consider starting a student chapter at your school! Benefits of having a student chapter includes: 1) Waived EEAI annual conference registration (lodging and meal costs will still apply); 2) Participation in an EEAI annual conference activity tailored for student chapter participants (may include a student social and/or a poster session); 3) Student chapter member representatives will be asked to serve on the conference committee to develop and co-lead this activity with the conference committee members; 4) Student chapter members attending the annual conference may be asked to serve as session moderators to introduce speakers and keep time for sessions; 5) Membership benefits, including EEAI communications such as newsletters, announcements, and events.

Guidelines & Application 

Download Sample Constitution (from Purdue University)

Mentorship Program

New to the field? Request a mentor!

We know it can be hard to meet people in the EE field when we are so spread out all over the state!  If you are new to the profession (or new to Indiana), welcome!  We are glad to have you involved.  

It can be helpful to have a seasoned educator by your side as you navigate the environmental education world.  Lucky for you, we have EEAI members ready to buddy up!  The EEAI Environmental Mentorship Program partners new educators (or administrators) with current EEAI members who are eager to make the Indiana EE world less overwhelming.  Whether you share a meal at the annual conference or connect on the phone for some advice, these mentors can help make your entrance into EE a positive experience.

Ready to mentor someone new to the field? Request a mentee!

You've been in EE for quite some time and have knowledge and connections to share!  Help out new members by becoming a mentor. We are looking for people who can give time and advice to those just entering the field.  You are responsible for connecting with the mentee several times a year including at conference (if both are attending), through email/phone, and/or in person.  Use your experience to make someone else's more positive! For more information or to be paired with a mentor/mentee, please contact Alison Zajdel at Please include: your name, email address, and organization. Please note: you must be a member of EEAI to participate in the Mentorship Program. To become a member, visit our membership page!

Support for Envirothon

Mentorship ProgramEEAI is an annual sponsor of the Envirothon- a North American competitive learning event for high school-aged students. Envirothon tests the student's knowledge of environmental resources including soils,  aquatics, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues. "Like" the Indiana Envirothon on Facebook and check out their website!

How Envirothon works:
Teams of five students, representing a school or organization, compete by answering questions and by studying resource problems in each of the five environmental areas. Before the competition, students study, with their advisors, to develop a greater understanding the environment. At the Envirothon competition, students test their knowledge under the supervision of environmental instructors. Students use teamwork to develop creative solutions to environmental problems.

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